Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Broken record, after 32 years!

Scary, but all covered!

How expensive is medical care in the US for travellers?  Numbers are scary.  Especially when we know I much it could cost.  Maybe we don't know....?  

Well record has to be broken for one of our client at  Optimal Travel

We just had a client, in winter 2013, that has been going to Florida for over 32 years.  Never had an issue, never visited a doctor neither an hospital will travelling, until now.  

After an overnight, with just a few basic test, to then be release in the morning.  They couldn't find anything, it might of just been fatigue and sun, said the doctor.

All that for a low cost of over 34 000$ US.  Yes, you read it right!

Thanks to their Optimal Coverage the cost to the client was ZERO, but it was a scary ordeal for the clients, they were 72 & 76.  They heard how expensive it was in the US but they couldn't believe the cost. 

Now they fully get why they have been purchasing Travel Insurance for the last 32 years.

Happy Travelling...from  #OptimalTravel !

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