Monday, 10 November 2014

Travel Insurance more competitive Rates

Travel Insurance more competitive than ever

The good thing now is that Travel Insurances are more competitive. Since the number of travellers and the awareness of the need for travel insurance have increased dramatically, so has the coverage for pre-existing conditions. 

Insurance companies have customized their travel insurances to meet the needs of the clients. Some travel insurances even offer covers for critical illnesses. 

So be straightforward when inquiring about Travel Insurance with pre-existing conditions. Remember, it is your right to know! It is your right to be protected during your travels. 

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Most if not all insurances come with pre-existing conditions. This goes the same with travel insurances. It is common that when people see the word “pre-existing conditions”, they hesitate from getting a travel insurance. 

They would think that they won’t qualify or worst, they would even think that getting one is much more expensive than what they would spend during the travel or vacation. Moreover, reading the terms & condition or even just the pre-existing conditions can be confusing most of the time. And mostly would have themselves convinced that they understood every bit of it when in fact they don’t. They are just too proud or embarrassed to ask for explanation from the insurance agent.

The key to overcoming such doubts is to fully understand what the pre-existing conditions in any travel insurances are.  Basically, pre-existing conditions refer to any illness or medical condition that was identified and existed before agreeing to an insurance contract. Do not hesitate to ask as many details about these pre-existing conditions and where you fit in it. Ask how you can utilize the pre-existing conditions of the insurance to your benefit. 

Do not think that if you are honest about your medical conditions, you won’t be able to get a travel insurance or you will always have to pay more.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Increasing Canadian SnowBirds Travellers

SnowBird Travellers more, and more in Canada!

The numbers of SnowBird Travellers are increasing every year. Mostly retirees, they want to spend their time in warmer areas, usually abroad, at an extended period. However, having to spend your vacation outside your country at a longer period is not always peaches and cream.

As a Snowbird, you have to be ready for any unexpected events. In the event of medical emergencies or accidents, being far away from your family and friends and at a place you are not entirely familiar with can be very difficult.

With all these in mind, Snowbird Travel Medical Insurances provides the security for those travellers who wish to enjoy a longer vacation. It is a way of preparing one’s self from unforeseen bumps along the way.  

Medical bills abroad can shoot up to thousands of dollars, so better save yourself from this kind of headache by availing snowbird travel insurance.

Of course, it would be prudent for any snowbird to not only look at the medical coverage of the insurance. Make sure it also covers your pre-existing conditions.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

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** We specialize in Pre-existing conditions. 

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