Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Keep an eye on exchange rate!

If you are like most of our snowbird travel clients, the currency rate for the US dollars can mean savings or a this year might be harder on the budget.

We have found this site, that will give you daily updates on the currency chances.  You can monitor when is the best time to exchange your money to get the best exchange rate.  

When you convert a large sum of money, you could be talking about quite a savings.

It's almost looking at a sale flyer, but you are shopping for a better rates.  Other than your travel insurance coverage, here is an excellent place to pack savings on your next trip.

Happy Travelling...from  #OptimalTravel !

Friday, 19 July 2013

Canadians not willing to pay for travel insurance despite emergency worries, says study.

According to new study by BMO...

Only half of canadians that will travel this summer will pay for Travel Insurance...?

This is risky business for canadians.  Our health care system in Canada only provides full coverage in the province of your residence beyond that, you need to get coverage.  You will be 100% liable for any medical bills occur abroad.

So why risk it?  It is so easy to get coverage, espacially affordable coverage, as low as 19$ why risk it all?

Did you know you can apply for coverage, directly online or call to get instant coverage.  

Here is a few example stated in the study:

- a broken leg in the United States can cost up to US$20,000;
- an air ambulance from Florida to Ontario can cost US$15,000; 
- a treatment for decompression sickness in Thailand can cost up to US$40,000.

So it is easy and definitely not worth the cost.

Happy Travelling...from  #OptimalTravel !


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Broken record, after 32 years!

Scary, but all covered!

How expensive is medical care in the US for travellers?  Numbers are scary.  Especially when we know I much it could cost.  Maybe we don't know....?  

Well record has to be broken for one of our client at  Optimal Travel

We just had a client, in winter 2013, that has been going to Florida for over 32 years.  Never had an issue, never visited a doctor neither an hospital will travelling, until now.  

After an overnight, with just a few basic test, to then be release in the morning.  They couldn't find anything, it might of just been fatigue and sun, said the doctor.

All that for a low cost of over 34 000$ US.  Yes, you read it right!

Thanks to their Optimal Coverage the cost to the client was ZERO, but it was a scary ordeal for the clients, they were 72 & 76.  They heard how expensive it was in the US but they couldn't believe the cost. 

Now they fully get why they have been purchasing Travel Insurance for the last 32 years.

Happy Travelling...from  #OptimalTravel !

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Purchase Travel Insurance months before you leave!

Buy it in advance!

Well, this is an option that could be very beneficial for some clients, especially when you can buy it, and you are a year younger.  

Believe it or not, we have clients that saved over 200$/each on their policy just by buying the Snowbird Travel Insurance before their birthdays.

In Travel Insurance unlike any other insurance, we use your current age, when you are buying the policy, not the age when you are leaving Canada.

I am sure, that those savings could be put in better places than insurance.  

Let's say, you could be enjoying dinner on us!

Happy Travelling...from  #OptimalTravel !