Friday, 19 July 2013

Canadians not willing to pay for travel insurance despite emergency worries, says study.

According to new study by BMO...

Only half of canadians that will travel this summer will pay for Travel Insurance...?

This is risky business for canadians.  Our health care system in Canada only provides full coverage in the province of your residence beyond that, you need to get coverage.  You will be 100% liable for any medical bills occur abroad.

So why risk it?  It is so easy to get coverage, espacially affordable coverage, as low as 19$ why risk it all?

Did you know you can apply for coverage, directly online or call to get instant coverage.  

Here is a few example stated in the study:

- a broken leg in the United States can cost up to US$20,000;
- an air ambulance from Florida to Ontario can cost US$15,000; 
- a treatment for decompression sickness in Thailand can cost up to US$40,000.

So it is easy and definitely not worth the cost.

Happy Travelling...from  #OptimalTravel !


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