Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Most if not all insurances come with pre-existing conditions. This goes the same with travel insurances. It is common that when people see the word “pre-existing conditions”, they hesitate from getting a travel insurance. 

They would think that they won’t qualify or worst, they would even think that getting one is much more expensive than what they would spend during the travel or vacation. Moreover, reading the terms & condition or even just the pre-existing conditions can be confusing most of the time. And mostly would have themselves convinced that they understood every bit of it when in fact they don’t. They are just too proud or embarrassed to ask for explanation from the insurance agent.

The key to overcoming such doubts is to fully understand what the pre-existing conditions in any travel insurances are.  Basically, pre-existing conditions refer to any illness or medical condition that was identified and existed before agreeing to an insurance contract. Do not hesitate to ask as many details about these pre-existing conditions and where you fit in it. Ask how you can utilize the pre-existing conditions of the insurance to your benefit. 

Do not think that if you are honest about your medical conditions, you won’t be able to get a travel insurance or you will always have to pay more.

Happy Travelling...from #OptimalTravel !

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  1. I totally agree together with you… Travel insurance is one of the essential preparations for a failsafe journey. It is not only important for people who find themselves travelling overseas but furthermore somewhere within their personal country. A standard insurance coverage of this kind contains policies including healthcare protect, luggage cover and additional expenses.