Friday, 7 August 2015

Early Bird Special for Senior Travellers!

Everyone that's been travelling for a few years and leaving Canada for more than 30 days knows about "Early Bird Specials"

This year, it's even more relevant with the value of the Canadian dollar versus the US.  Most insurance company has already raised their travel insurance rates for 2015.

But, hold off, they are a couple that didn't as of yet.  Good news for our early bird travellers!

If you will be travelling this year, it might be worth your while to find insurance coverage, as soon as possible.  With the early bird specials, you can save 5-20% in some cases.

You are not sure of the dates, you can purchase with tentative dates, and change later no problem.  No extra fees.

So, you have nothing to lose, but great savings.  Simple & Easy to get travel insurance quotes for seniors: click here

Happy Travelling,

From the Optimal Team!

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