Friday, 16 August 2013

Really, shopping for Travel Insurance...?

Did you shop for your 

Travel Insurance Coverage this year?  

Yes, like we shop for household thinks, car, vacation, etc...; we should also shop for Travel Insurance.  

I am always astonish when we shop the market for clients, how broad is the range in quotes, especially for people over 60 years young.  This is mainly due because all company have different medical questions and underwriting process.  Meaning, if you have little health issues, most company have 2,3 and even 4 tiers in pricing.

So how to get the best insurance deal, well talk to a travel insurance broker.  You will be ask basic health questions, from there they will shop the market without being bias in there recommendation.  They will bring options to work with to get you the best coverage.

Here is another great example in Travel Insurance Quote:

We did 4 quotes* for a Lady age 72 with some heart problems, leaving for Florida for almost 6 months:
  •  Quotes came in at 4416$, 3460, 2466$ & 2152$.
We recommended TourMed @ 2466$.  To be fully covered from any preexisting medical issues, including Heart.
Did you shop your Travel Insurance..get your free instant quote!

Happy Travelling...from  #OptimalTravel !

(* Quoted with: Blue Cross Travel, TourMed, GMS & TIC)

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